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Peoplexs becomes Talentsoft

Talentsoft, a leading European provider of SaaS-based Talent Management solutions, merged with Peoplexs in early 2014.

This merger created the European leader in the SaaS-based Talent Management market with an integrated solution for recruiting, competency management, performance management and learning.

With Talentsoft’s track record in Talent Management, and Peoplexs’s recruitment expertise, the company will continue to leverage its knowledge of European complexity to deliver Talent Management best practices to all types of organizations either global or local.

If you have any questions about the merger please contact peoplexs@talentsoft.com

The Talentsoft offering

The Peoplexs application has become part of the overall Talentsoft Talent Management platform, making Talentsoft a visionary European leader providing solutions for recruitment, performance, career development, learning, and compensation management. Our 100% SaaS-based application helps you manage every stage of your employees’ careers – and transform your investment in people into a business asset.

Talentsoft’s application is 100% European compliant, developed in Europe and globally ready. It provides unique functional depth, and flexibility to support every step of talent management processes, and adapts to companies whatever their sector, size, organizational structure and HR processes and wherever they are, always taking the highest security standards into account.

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